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Duchess of Abercorn was reviewed in the online magazine Railway Herald (

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Below are a selection of unsolicited endorsements received
from customers.
They are published with the person's permission.

“Prints arrived safe and sound, and absolutely fantastic they are too.” (Multi-image prints; LNER A4 Class - The Thirties & LMS Princess Coronation Class - The Thirties)
Locomotive Artworks & PrintsD. Vitty - Dorset UK

"The print of the Duke of Gloucester looks absolutely magnificent. The detail of the locomotive & the quality of your artwork will give me many hours of pleasure. It will be hung alongside your Coronation & Duchess of Gloucester print."
Locomotive Artworks & PrintsW. Annear - New Zealand

"They are uniformly beautiful and executed in such exquisite detail as
 to be permanent delights to the eye." (Duchess of Abercorn, Sir Nigel
 Gresley, Sir Keith Park, Sir William A. Stanier, F.R.S.
Locomotive Artworks & PrintsR.G. - Berkshire, UK

"The quality of it is fantastic. The detail is amazing!" (Clan Line)
SpacerJ. Conibear - Somerset, UK

"What a beauty." (Silver Fox)
SpacerR. Kraft - Isle of Man, UK

"Having just received my print of Silver Link I just thought I’d send
 you a quick message to say thank you for producing yet another
 wonderful A4 print."
SpacerB. Dearlove - Stroud, UK

"Thank you so much for the print of B17/4 Liverpool - it is magnificent,
 and will be framed and hung in pride of place in my flat; many
 congratulations on a very fine job!"
SpacerM. Bowe - Reading, UK

"Would just like to thank you for the prints of Sir Archibald Sinclair and
 Sir Nigel Gresley. They arrived within 4 days of ordering and really do
 look superb, I can't wait till they're framed and on the wall."
SpacerA. Tranter - West Midlands, UK

"Just wanted to let you know that I thought that the print was dazzling
 to say the least." (City of London)
SpacerC. Guest - USA

"It's a real work of art and obviously a labour of love. Rest assured it will
 be treasured." (Duchess of Abercorn)
SpacerJ. Bennett - Chester, UK

"I'm really pleased with the print. It's much better than the picture I had in
 my 'mind's eye', and I'll be proud to hang it in my lounge room as soon as
 I can arrange to have it framed." (Duchess of Montrose)
SpacerC. Craig - Australia

"I received your print and I was very impressed by it." (B17/4 Footballer)
SpacerR. Briggs - Northampton, UK