Level of Detail

Each subject is meticulously researched and is based on the original works drawings, but as these are not always correct they are thoroughly checked against photographs, verified information and – if one of the class exists – making a visit to check details.

If it’s on the loco I endeavour to put it on the illustration!

Limited Edition Prints

The maximum run of any of the prints is 500, with the majority being just 250 or 350 (see individual prints for the number produced). This is well below the maximum of 850 copies allowed for a ‘Limited Edition Print’.
All prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

Large-Scale Limited Edition Prints
The standard Limited Edition prints are reproduced to a scale of 8mm/foot to ensure that all the detail included can be viewed and appreciated.

16" x 8" Limited Edition Prints
These are printed to a scale of 5mm/foot and fit a standard 16" x 8" frame with just 100 of each locomotive produced.

Footballer Limited Edition Prints
The B17/4 ‘Footballers’ are printed to a scale of 6mm/foot, which enabled them to be produced in smaller numbers – just 100 of each locomotive (club).

Multi-Image Prints

The illustrations are exactly the same as those used for the Limited Edition range but reduced to 5mm/foot to fit the standard A3 print format. Although they are not Limited Edition prints they can be ordered signed by the artist for a small extra charge.They can also be ordered with a mount (UK only).


The large-scale Limited Edition prints are produced on a traditional sheet-fed offset Heidelberg press. The other Limited Edition prints and the multi-image prints are printed digitally.



Orders can be taken online using a credit or debit card. Online payments are processed through PayPal. Please note that you do not have to set up a PayPal account to pay online – click the link at the bottom right to just pay using a debit or credit card. Click here for an example.

Telephone orders can be taken using a credit or debit card.
The number is: 01634 362735.


Please note that the postal charge is per order not per print.

United Kingdom £3.75

Europe £4.50 (countries covered)

Rest of the World £5.50

All prints are rolled and supplied in individual postal tubes.


Large-Scale & Footballer Prints – Local Options
Local art shops are usually the first option, but as these can be expensive check if your local glass supplier does framing, as this can be cheaper, or, if you're lucky, a local person who does it from home!

Large-Scale & Footballer Prints – Online
Another option is to use an online frame supplier. Southern Locomotives Ltd did this recently when they wanted to frame prints of Sir Keith Park for the recommissioning ceremony. The feedback from them was very good with the plastic 'glass' supplied being as clear as normal picture glass, which comes with a removal film on both sides to protect it in transit. Pictures of the framed prints can be viewed here: picture 1, picture 2.

The company Southern Locomotives Ltd used was:

16" x 8" Limited Edition Prints
The really big advantage of this range is that they will fit straight into a standard 16" x 8" frame, which are available online and in some high street stores.

Muilti-Image A3 Size Prints
The multi-image prints fit a standard A3 frame – not as common as they used to be.

Muilti-Image A3 Size Prints with 20" x 16" Mount
These prints are also available to purchase with a mount (UK only) so that they will fit a standard off-the-shelf 20" x 16" frames, which are widely available in various styles from many high street stores, such as Wilko and The Range, at very reasonable prices – click here for further deatils.


Sample enlargements – taken from selected illustrations.

Detail   Detail   Detail   Detail